Our products are the finest in the country and for good reason.

We have invested the time in establishing personal relationships with each of our world-class brands, to ensure that our customers consistently receive the best stock.

Our products are non-brand specific (eg: grain-fed scotch fillet as opposed to “John Dee Scotch Fillet”), and here is why...

In our experience, a supplier may have great produce one week, but potentially not as great quality the next; so we have taken any possibility of the latter out.

We have done this by enlisting our Meat Curator (Tom James) to hand-select the best selection for you. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide this service across the board; we can rest assured knowing that each product from every category goes through this process.

To give you another example of how this works... If you order “x2 Fullblood Wagyu Scotch Fillets” this week (and you receive Jacks Creek), if you place the same order next week you may receive Mayura Station instead.

Our repertoire of branded produce includes:

F1 Wagyu

Jacks Creek
John Dee Diamond Dee

Fullblood Wagyu

Mayura Station
Jacks Creek
Robbins Island
Limestone Ridge
Stone Axe Full Blood Wagyu


Bultarra Certified organic saltbush Lamb
Kyneton Local Grassfed Dorper lamb


Borrowdale free range pork
Valenca Free Range Pork

Grassfed Free Range Beef

Cape Grim
Bass strait beef

Grainfed Beef

John Dee
Jacks creek Black label
Black Onyx


Sustainably caught Australian Seafood