SIDE OF LAMB Grass Fed Free Range (Cut for Chops and Roasts, PRICED ON CARCASS WEIGHT)



Product Description

Grass Fed Free Range Spring Lamb.

Locally Sourced from Country Victoria and Hand Selected and Graded to ensure perfection.

LEG: On The Bone Roast. (can be boneless on request)

Chump: Cut for Lamb Chump Chops. (can be bonelss on request for Lamb Rump Steaks)

Loin: Cut For Mid Loin Chops. (can be done as Backstraps on request)

Rack: cut for Cutlets  (can be Trimmed up for Roasting)

Forequarter/Shoulder: Cut For BBQ Chops and Round Bone Chops or On The Bone Roast, Jointed for easier Carving. (can be Boneless on request)

Neck: half of a Neck.

Shank: Left Whole (can be Frenched on request)

***Everything is Tray Packed and Labelled for your convenience.***

Size Range: 8 or 10kg.

PRICED ON CARCASS WEIGHT. CAN EXPECT 1-3kg loss after trimming to your requirement.